About Frances

HPCSA registered
addiction and trauma therapist
(001 3668)


I have been in the addiction/trauma field for over a decade. I studied Honours Psychology at Rhodes University in South Africa and then furthered my studies through the Priory Hospitals in the UK. My personal journey has given me insight into the recovery process and so I have my own  ideas into what recovery requires. Ongoing studies continue to be a part of my journey, keeping me up to date with current best practices.

Recovery from addiction, whether substance or process oriented, cannot be done alone. My mentors helped me to take the first of many successive steps along my journey. I am ever grateful for their guidance and support. As recovery is a lifelong, lived experience, I continue to learn from others – recovery has no end. These days I find it far easier to live and let go and I have more ‘space’ for living life to the fullest.

Another sure thing is that recovery from trauma and addiction can often be more effectively healed through therapies other than just  talk therapy. Trauma lives in the body's cells. Once I understood this, I was able to treat trauma in an entirely different way. Using different somatic therapies provides the holistic solution to addiction/trauma therapy. In conjunction with talk therapy this enables greater emotional, mental and spiritual shifts. With this actual change in the body, compulsive behaviours can also be stopped. There is an undeniable link between trauma and addiction.  BOTH need to be treated. 
I offer brief and long-term therapy incorporating various  approaches: cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, family systems, psycho education, relapse prevention; body work such as Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and energy work such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Overall my treatment approach is integrative and ecosystemic, aiming to treat the whole person, not only the presenting problem.

I have witnessed many clients put their trust in the therapeutic process I offer. I have seen them change dramatically, some from the edges of death to the heights of living. All ages, all cultures, both sexes – all can change. I am ready to help you change.


Frances Ward:
Registered Addiction /
Trauma Therapist
(B. Psych). (0013668)

082 099 1830  
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"I can become as free as I choose to be"