This is why I love my job. 
In reviewing my year I came to see how many of my clients have really changed. 

From addicts in active addiction moving into sustainable recovery to stressed out moms TRE'ing off daily stresses becoming better moms, to cancer patients post chemo starting to feel their feet again (through TRE) to those in long term recovery shifting deeper into even more meaningful lives.

I sometimes come home after a day in my shared private practice just marveling at the variety of clients I have these days. People with Substance Use Disorder (addicts), clients with various mental health complications such as PTSD, clients having just experienced one overwhelming trauma, corporates wanting to learn how to better cope with high stress positions, medical professionals seeking respite from their burn out.

Fortunately as I've been in the therapy world for over 15 yrs I have gathered some marvellous tools to help all these clients. 

One of my favourite comments from a female client came in the words of "Frances I always just feel happier after having a session with you, just walking in the room I feel happy." 

So looking back on another busy year in private practice and in the various rehabs that I consult, Im pleased to know that I was able to contribute something meaningful to other peoples lives in helping them move closer to a place of health and abundance. Change is possible. I see it happening all day long.