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codependency: the definition

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, In : codependency 
Am I being codependent when I hide my emotions and opinions in an arguement?
Am I consistently worried about how others view me?
Do I find myself in caretaker roles repeatedly?
Do I place certain people up on pedestals?
Do I have difficulty adjusting to changes?
Do I doubt myself?
Do I have difficulty expressing my true feelings?
Do I find it difficult talking to people in authority?
Am I confused about who I am?
Do I have trouble asking for help?
Am I multitasking just one too many things simultaneous...
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serendipity or coincidence?

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, February 27, 2013,
Have you ever had the feeling that all things are connected? e.g by being slowed down at a traffic light,this  causes you to be slightly late for  a meeting, but allows you to meet someone so important in your life that is pivotal in changing your perspective - just because the robot turned red???

Coincidence or all part of a higher plan?

Overall life seems to take us to those points in our lives that we need to go. Being able to see this from a contextual point of view is essential. getting bo...
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Whats worked for me... breathe!

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, February 20, 2013, In : Whats worked for me 

Each time I blog I will endeavour to offer helpful activities that could assist you in your recovery. Over the years I have found many different 'therapies' that have gently (sometimes not so gently!) shifted me into a healthier place.
There is nothing more frustrating than living in anxiety.
This is such a simple, easy FREE tool. Take 5 minutes (even 2 min) out every time you find yourself getting agitated. Ground yourself  (sit, where possible) and breathe in through your nose for thr...

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Posted by LP User on Friday, February 8, 2013, In : Workshops 
I am running a 6 week workshop to explain how  stress/ trauma negatively effects your body. You will get to experience two body therapies (Breathwork and TRE: Tension/ Trauma Releasing Exercises) which will help to release your trauma and chronic tension. Both are immediately effective and self empowering. You will get to tell your story of how trauma has affected your life. In this way resolution will come about.

GROUP VENUE:  3 Prospect Hill Rd, Wynberg

START DAY:           Start Date to Be ...
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