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Another take on codependency

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, December 11, 2013, In : codependency
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Codependents' enabling acts: helping or harming?

Posted by LP User on Sunday, March 24, 2013, In : codependency 
Seeing another person suffer can be challenging- if you're a codependent (caretaker/ rescuer/ fixer/ people pleaser...) this will be particularly difficult. The thing with the actions of codependency is that they feel so helpful, so natural, so healthy. This is all part of the denial. Only after you've come through this illusion will you be able to discern what is healthy and what is not. Let me give you some examples:
  • Helping your friends by lending them money, and insisting on them not p...

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codependency: the definition

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, In : codependency 
Am I being codependent when I hide my emotions and opinions in an arguement?
Am I consistently worried about how others view me?
Do I find myself in caretaker roles repeatedly?
Do I place certain people up on pedestals?
Do I have difficulty adjusting to changes?
Do I doubt myself?
Do I have difficulty expressing my true feelings?
Do I find it difficult talking to people in authority?
Am I confused about who I am?
Do I have trouble asking for help?
Am I multitasking just one too many things simultaneous...
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