If youre newly in recovery (from addiction/codependency) this time of the year can be quite challenging. Many people are on holiday and letting their hair down which often includes partying with alcohol/ drugs. You may find yourself thinking you "could just have one", "it wasnt that bad", "no- one will know" accompanied with feelings of frustration, impatience, envy and tiredness. STOP OBSERVE STEER (S.O.S)
These are high risk thoughts/ feelings due to being exposed to "slippery" dangerous situations. If youre working an anonymous program use ALL the tools to manage your recovery now- sponsor, steps, meetings, service etc. If you are using alternative methods to stay abstinent from drugs/ alcohol, increase your support.

This can be a joyous time for you without any consequences due to substance abuse. Imagine how you could feel at the beginning of 2014 still being sober and clean... starting a fresh is your choice.