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adversity in childhood leads to adult illnesses. Addicts need to read this.

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, In : trauma therapy

Another article reporting on how childhood adversity "stays" in the body and manifests later as illnesses.

".....Often, these illnesses can be chronic and lifelong. Autoimmune disease. Heart disease. Chronic bowel disorders. Migraines. Persistent depression. Even today, doctors puzzle over these very conditions: why are they so prevalent; why are some patients more prone to them than others; and why are they so diffic...
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A doctors opinion on childhood abuse and how tre can help treat the often undiagnosed ptsd

Posted by LP User on Thursday, August 14, 2014, In : trauma therapy 
What role does childhood trauma have in our behavior and resiliency? What is a disruptive, disobedient child trying to tell us? Important message to look at the cause and start healing from there. TRE is very effective in addressing trauma and releasing it from the tissues of the body. Dr Ross speaks to helpers & inmates of Ironwood State Prison & explains how childhood trauma manifests in the future life of the victim.

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