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Collective wisdom in caring for children, especially if traumatised

Posted by LP User on Sunday, July 28, 2019,
Listen to Dr Bruce Perry's  audio about healing children when theyve been traumatised... He refers to all adversities- so called hard and soft trauma as contributing to developmental trauma.

Loving and affectionate, safe touching relationships is what kids need. 

Did we need science to tell us this? 
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ACEs once again highlight developmental trauma

Posted by LP User on Thursday, March 1, 2018,

7 puzzle pieces to finding your way out of developmental trauma:

The order of treatment is essential.

Brain stem, then limbic then cortical.

If stuck in flight flight freeze loop ie in brain stem, wont be able to learn well at school or handle relationships.

Help the child get safe, regulated, calm and alert FIRST; then work on developing emotional (limbic ) brain, then frontal cortex work.

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