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Rovering addicts working in the field- maintaining balance?

Posted by LP User on Friday, November 16, 2018,

Although this story comes from Florida it expresses how important it is IF YOU ARE IN RECOVERY and WORK in RECOVERY to take care of relapsing yourself. It may not be the drugs, cross addiction may creep in.

Working in the Recovery field can be incredibly uplifting but it is so importnat o to take care of yourself.

Supervision/ seeking support is a MUST.
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Do you have body pain, are you putting on weight- signs of stress...

Posted by LP User on Thursday, March 1, 2018,

Doctors are seeing more and more patients with neck shoulder head pain; and weight gain around the trunk. Why? Cortisol is being overproduced in our bodies leading to these manifestations.
Headaches, low back pain, muscle aches, and gastrointestinal symptoms are the most common.

What to do?
Get moving. Do some form of exercise/ movement.
Seek medical intervention- chiropractor, acupunc...
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Dr talks about developmental trauma leading to addiction: best treatment options

Posted by LP User on Thursday, March 1, 2018,

Lovely informative podcast highlighting how things that happened in childhood, or things that didnt happen in childhood can lead to trauma symptoms repeating, leading to addiction/ self medication.

Methods such as art, guided imagery, EMDR, TRE can help integrate the body and mind to overcome these hardships
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Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT

Posted by LP User on Sunday, June 2, 2013, In : trauma therapy 

EFT is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clinical trials have shown that EFT is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing.

EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 12...

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