Recent reflections from the Collective trauma summit.

Bessel VD Kolk
Trauma has been around for a long time. Women and kids are now still the most affected. Some of the socio political decision right now are ripping families away from each other keeping that trauma loop alive.

A massive part of healing can come through connection, play, movement, acting/ drama, dance, singing together as families, as communities, as cities as states, as one....

How to start. GO to the body- learn how to be with your own bodily sensations. This individual approach then can lead to a wider approach. And so healing shifts then in countries... and companies... and in individuals' decision eg not contributing to climate change, rather contributing to healing climate change. Develop a connection to the universe's health- the one in which we inhabit.. this compassion can lead to an incredible increase in your and the worlds resonance, bringing about real shifts.

So by putting down your screen now and connecting with the person next to you youre contributing to managing yourself differently, more compassionately, more intuitively.  This can be a place to start change.