"I met Frances through a rehabilitation programme in which she was assisting as an associate.  It was my tenth rehabilitation  centre I had been to and I firmly believe that it was Frances who gave me the direction  I needed to believe that this time it will be different and that I could stay sober once I left the rehab environment.

I believe that Frances saved me from absolute self-destruction and yet she always reminds me that I was open-minded and willing to follow her suggestions. She has taught me humility and gratitude and these are my two most important spiritual principles.

I struggled for ten years to stay sober and she is the one who got through to me and gave me life skills that I never ever thought were possible.

To this day, I still have sessions with Frances to keep me on my toes and to remind me that it is possible to stay sober and clean if I follow the things that she suggests to me, one day at a time!"

"In my time spent with Frances, she taught me how to live life on life’s terms. In fact she taught me how to live and how to deal with stress, pressure and many factors within myself. She is the ultimate professional and lives to help those suffering with addiction.

Without Frances, I’m not sure what the final outcome would have been, but one thing I’m sure of is I had hit rock bottom. Twenty years of drinking (half my life) takes it out of you in one way or another. There was no way out or back up, my body was giving in, and I’m pretty sure without rehab and mostly the empathy, guidance, humility and devotion Frances showed and practises daily, I would not be here today typing this. I’m humbled and grateful to have had Frances as my counsellor, and am eternally grateful to her for that." (Pierre O)

"Frances was the person who received me at the start of my road to recovery.  She somehow broke through my defences to show me there's 'another way' by seeking to understand me at a time when I had given up hope of finding empathy, and by giving recognition to the emotional trauma that I had denied acknowledging for myself.

Some two years into recovery now, my life today is no longer imprisoned by active addiction. But Frances is still connected in my life as I continue with my lifelong process of emotional healing. My respect for Frances grows as I grow into myself, as I see more clearly how she lives her own life through the very tools she teaches others through her work. Her emphasis on empowering individuals to live a life of their own choice is as relevant to me today as when I was fresh out of active addiction." (Anonymous) 

[As one of Frances's case studies...]"I found TRE to be a rewarding experience – both physically and mentally. The sessions gave me the space to connect with my body and I experienced the realisation of the effects of past physical and emotional traumas. After the first few sessions, I felt unembarrassed and at ease and safe with Frances as the facilitator. I have found that where conventional psychotherapy dealt with my mind, 12 steps dealt with my lifestyle, that TRE was the final piece of the puzzle in terms of complete childhood trauma recovery.

Frances has also taught me how to do TRE on my own, meaning I can use it as and when I need it and have time."  Anonymous

"Frances Ward’s calm and accepting energy leaves you feeling more peaceful and positive about life. She has an admirable ability to bring clarity to and draw insight from complex emotions, thoughts and situations. She also focuses on and works with the important link between mind and body. I highly recommend Frances to anyone seeking to improve their life in any way" Anonymous  

"Frances is a non-judging, patient and present listener. She has a contagious calm about her that enables all those she counsels to step back and consider their situation with fresh, rational eyes. She is cool under pressure, never losing her composure, and you leave her company feeling lighter, more in control, and at least fractionally wiser. I highly recommend her services, whatever your specific needs". Anonymous 

Testimonial from a group member of the Recovery Group that ran for a year and a half. All group members shared a similar theme of experiencing self defeating behaviours in their lives. This could take the form of addiction, co-dependency, self-criticism and many other destructive loops. The group has just closed, but may re-open at some point in the future....

“I looked forward to the weekly [Recovery] support group,  it was a safe place for me to talk about the things I am ashamed of. I found it comforting to have the support of a group who also shared their daily struggles with addiction.  I feel in some way we will always have a connection”.   Anonymous

I was an infamous heroin junkie, living in full-blown active addiction for 17 years. Frances and I have stayed in touch and she's become part of my support structure. I met Frances 2 years ago and she has played an even bigger role in my recovery than she realises. She will be there for my 3 and 4 and ... for the rest of the clean days I plan on living.

Thank you for being part of my journey – you kick ass Frances Ward! (Tricia)

Frances was my counsellor at a Primary rehab facility in Cape Town where I found myself at a rock bottom moment in my life, after having battled with all forms of addiction for years.

Her work with my family and loved ones was particularly brilliant and she was able to facilitate a smooth and therapeutic session in what was likely to have been an insanely charged mud slinging match if she had not been at the helm. Subtly, keenly and with a huge amount of empathy and a brilliant clinical knowledge Frances is able to treat addiction and life problems with amazing clarity and grace.

If you are in need of a solution to your problem and are looking for a guide to take you through the journey of discovery and insight, then you need look no further! (Anonymous)


"[As a case study] I have just completed my TRE sessions with Frances and I would recommend it to everybody. Starting the process was a scary prospect as I was attempting to face and deal with my trauma. Frances guided me through it with such an amazing gentleness of spirit which, had at its core, strength and comfort. She made me feel secure and protected and allowed me to relax into the process. Thank you." (Anonymous)

"I worked with Frances over a series of 8 TRE sessions, as her case study. Never having worked with my body in this way before, it was Frances' professional approach and calm, supportive manner that allowed me to feel safe enough to let go and allow the work to happen. Her deep acceptance of me as a human being and her positive intention for my process in doing the exercises was tangible, and was undoubtedly part of what allowed the work to be as transformative as it was for me. I recommend Frances highly". Anonymous  

"I first met Frances shortly after my 21st birthday. I was a hopeless anorexic/ bulimic/ addict and raging alcoholic who had lost the will to live. 

About one month after being in primary and having Frances as my counselor, something changed in me.  Frances was amazing, in the past where I had been so hopeless and unwilling to accept help, with Frances I finally did. I can’t tell you why but something in her brought out the strength in me.

Frances taught me to stand up for myself, fight for myself and fight for my life. She showed me what it meant to laugh again and that being vulnerable and scared does not make me weak or a failure.

I will always be profoundly grateful to Frances, for her compassion, warmth, wisdom, openness and her unwavering support even when I didn’t want it or on days where I refused to take it.

Some people stay in your hearts and prayers forever:Frances is one of these people to me"  CF

"Working with Frances was both a pleasant, but more importantly, results-driven experience. She was able to give me tangible, useful techniques for dealing with my situation. I would go away every week and implement what we had spoken about and some of the techniques that she had suggested and with regular use they worked. It was very satisfying to work Frances and in my case we were able to achieve what I had hoped for in a short amount of time. I will be checking in with Frances on a less consistent basis going forward for a "refresher" so to speak. I recommend Frances for her simple, easy-to-talk-to but impactful style". Anonymous

Frances Ward:
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Trauma Therapist
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"Let me follow my path today; knowing that it is the right path for me and is taking me where I need to go."