Amphetamines represent a category of drugs known as stimulants and speed up the central nervous system. They act in a similar way as the natural hormone adrenaline would in the body.

Amphetamines include dextroamphetamines (legally manufactured medications) which have been used for hyperactivity, sleeping and eating disorders; and methamphetamines (illegally manufactured substances eg tik.

Short term effects may include: increased alertness and energy, feeling of well-being, increased heart rate/blood pressure, dry mouth, increased aggressiveness, reduced appetite, impaired speech, loss of coordination, uncontrollable movement.

Long Term Effects:
Long term effects appear after repeated use. Following prolonged use, the short term effects are exaggerated and may lead to malnutrition, skin disorders, ulcers, weight loss and depression.
Chronic or heavy user may be prone to sudden violent or irrational acts. They may also develop amphetamine psychosis. Long term effects and the symptoms of psychosis disappear within a few weeks after use has stopped.

If you or anyone you know may be suffering from amphetamine abuse, contact an addiction professional asap for help.