The recent Recovery Festival held at a local waldorf school in Cape Towb was a beautiful example of progressive recovery oriented professionals coming together to highlight the diversity of treatments these days in treating substance aduse/ addictions/ mental health.

Having been involved in this field for over 15 years in SA and UK, I was so pleased to see how both Body and Mind treatments are now both integral to holistically treating our human clients. Gone are the days of telling the addict how to get better. Bring  on a collaborative trauma healing focussed approach involving a strong wide team of supporters who get this.

Some important points.
Always treat the person first not the condition. connection. Attunement. Attachment.
Always include the family.
Medicine has its place.
Healthy nutrition is essential. Get your gut right.
Finding people who you can connect with is essential. Some of these people should be bodyworkers. The body has to be treated, then your thinking brain.
Find a community that is supportive. this may be a 12 step group. 
Get your body moving- yoga, dance, singing, TRE, movement, exercise, biodanza, chi gong, tai chi etc.
Face your past - use bodywork/ energy work eg EMDR, TRE, EFT tapping, Breathwork, Mindful meditation.
Be aware of cross addictions-  work on them all. Go deeper to your subconscious beliefs. Use therapies that treat and change the subconscious like QEC. Its not enough to just work on conscious issues.

But most importantly find a way to connect safely with your whole body again. Usually this will require working with someone who understands how trauma wrecks the nervous system and someone who knows what is required to heal your nervous system (the whole you).
Once youre embodied safely again, then you can start integrating and talking about the hard stuff.

These are just some pointers in the right direction. 

There is so much available these days to help, so help is available.

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