Anyone who has gone through the experience of being a new mom, will know the level of stress you experience on a moment to moment basis every day. This stress quite literally stays in your body and piles up, making an already almost unbearable state, totally overwhelming. So often then, this stress is felt in the body (headaches, sore back, insomnia, anxiety, depression). Because of my practice in TRE I have been able to manage this stress build up better. I'm quite sure that without these Tension Releasing Exercises, my ability to manage a very challenging (and wonderful) experience would have been halved.
This post is not only directed at moms, also dads, especially hands on dads. TRE can be an incredible quick way to release daily stress, in order to be able to manage the next moment.

As new clients only require (mostly) 6 sessions with a trained practitioner, this therapeutic model is possible EVEN for new moms. Squeezing in 6 sessions is just about manageable. Once youve done that then TRE can most often be practiced by yourself at home (when you baby is sleeping!!)

If this appeals to you in any way, contact me through my website.