Tapping is: A combination of ancient chinese acupressure (tapping) and modern psychology (statements that are accompanied). Whilst tapping on certain meridians in the body we're sending a signal to the brain (amygdala) to switch off the "charged" flight or fight sympathetic nervous system and to help us feel safe and secure and therefore clear old stuff.  This is a felt experience.

So easy to learn and the results are extraodinary like pain relief that lasts; weight loss; improved body image; shift in limiting beliefs (e.g finances) and many more. Getting into a routine of regular tapping afte being taught it will have the most positive effect.

Step one: identify specific target (financial stress, craving, anger, anxiety).
Rate the pain/ stress from 0- 10. Jot this down.
Tap the karate chop whilst repeating the set up statement. "Even though Im.....e.g anxious about work/ depressed about life/ angry with my friend etc" ..."I deeply and completely accept myself"
Follow the tapping sequence whilst repeating key words.
Check in, re rate. What else comes up? Go deeper....
experience the immediate effects...