I recently had the wonderful experience of supervising a psychology intern from America. She had come to SA with the intention of getting hands on experience of working in the field of mental health. I consult at Projekt Ubuntu/ Yoga Shala and thus was asked to design an Internship schedule. The intern and I worked out a full program that allowed her to have access to rehabs, safe houses, anonymous support groups, lectures; whilst assisting at a local kids youth centre.
I was thrilled to get this feedback from her at the end of the 8 week internship.

" thank you so much... I will forever be thankful for the doors you have opened for me. I know the experiences I have had because of the program you set up for me will stick with me far into my future.... I have learnt so much more about Psychology... thank you so much for the internship you provided for me..."

It was an uplifting experience for me and I was grateful for all the contacts I have made in the last 10 years of working in Cape Town which allowed me to put together this program. I look froward to more international interns!