Alex Edgar offers massage, reiki and energy work from her rooms in the southern peninsula of Cape Town. I approached Alex looking, I thought, for massage. Whilst she is a fantastic masseur, she offers more than this. On occasions I received reiki from her and Life Alignment.
LIfe Alignment was different from anything I had experienced before. It uses a combinatin of muscle testing and dowsing, with a complex map of points for the body's energy anatomy.Through the muscle testing she bypassed the mind and was able to go deeper than I had expected, and much more quickly than I had expected.

Each time I had Life Alignment it was a beautiful reminder of how much my bodies cells and energy system 'knew' about me and how through this process clear answers could be found. I generally found I felt deeply relaxed after a session, more so than after a massage and clearer as though I had shed old baggage.

I would recommend the Life Alignment process to anyone seeking profound wisdom from within you, and I would suggest you work with Alex. Her light hearted yet sincere energy is infectious. I felt totally at ease and secure in her presence.