I was reminded today of some Substance Abuse training I did at the Priory hospitals in the UK.

This is a short summary of the value of the 12 steps in any Addiction Treatment Program- this can be whilst in a centre or if you're working this program with a counsellor in an outpatient manner.

Step 1 reality orientation- Admitting powerless over one's compulsive use (of substances/ behaviours) can bring a person out of denial and into reality. 
Step 2 and 3: Implementing changes. Coming to believe in a power greater than yourself and in deciding to turn your will over is all about implementing change in terms of Personal/Spiritual beliefs and with regards to your personal development.
Step 4 Taking a moral inventory of yourself is about looking at the repetitive patterns associated with addiction (precoccupation, obsessing, compulsive use, self defeating behaviours). Through a searching and fearless inventory you will be rediscovering your identity whilst in the safety of another person (counsellor).

Step 5 encourages you to share what you have found. Through evaluating this with a sponsor/ counsellor, new information about yourself can be gathered. In this way although it can be emotional , it is empowering too.

Over the 15 years plus of working in this field of recovery I have seen many clients use the 12 steps to help them overcome their limitations.

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