"I met Frances through a rehabilitation programme in which she was assisting as an associate.  It was my tenth rehabilitation  centre I had been to and I firmly believe that it was Frances who gave me the direction  I needed to believe that this time it will be different and that I could stay sober once I left the rehab environment.

It was definitely Frances who convinced me that I needed to attend the secondary recovery facility that I did and it was definitely Frances who through this nine month process helped me to understand the steps of recovery and the tools, the day-to-day activities needed, the insights and the self-awareness needed on an ongoing basis to ensure that my recovery continues every day from here on.

I believe that Frances saved me from absolute self-destruction and yet she always reminds me that I was open-minded and willing to follow her suggestions. She has taught me humility and gratitude and these are my two most important spiritual principles.

I struggled for ten years to stay sober and she is the one who got through to me and gave me life skills that I never ever thought were possible.

Frances never gave up on me and I will forever be grateful for the day I met her!

To this day, I still have sessions with Frances to keep me on my toes and to remind me that it is possible to stay sober and clean if I follow the things that she suggests to me, one day at a time!"

“Catch me if you can …” was my motto throughout my seventeen years of active addiction. "Satans’ sherbet is what I’ve decided to name the drug that consumed my entire existence for the whole of my adult life.”  Freedom is what I was searching for – freedom from society and freedom from myself. I sure as hell got my wish.

Two years ago when I came into recovery I was totally isolated from society – living in a maid's room at the back of a house run by a cult; I had a Nigerian boyfriend; I owned two pairs of jeans, two t-shirts and a pair of slops. I was totally psychotic – I didn’t even know my own name. My soul was empty, empty, empty – pure desolation.

I remember shooting up in the toilet on an aeroplane. I remember being picked up at the airport and passing out in the nurses' station at a treatment facility in Cape Town.  I spent a couple of days in detox. I remember a blonde woman walking up to me, making solid, direct eye contact ... she put out her hand and said: "Hello Tricia, I'm Frances Ward, your therapist..."

I fought the program for six months, I left the treatment facility but Frances had made a huge impression on me. It was definitely her strength, her passion for recovery and the fact that she believed in me even though I didn't. I called her on my six month landmark just to let her know I had made it, and again on my one year ... two years now and I am still clean – going stronger than ever!

I was an infamous heroin junkie, living in full-blown active addiction for 17 years. Frances and I have stayed in touch and she's become part of my support structure. I met Frances 2 years ago and she has played an even bigger role in my recovery than she realises. She will be there for my 3 and 4 and ... for the rest of the clean days I plan on living.

Thank you for being part of my journey – you kick ass Frances Ward! (Tricia)


Frances was my counsellor at a Primary rehab facility in Cape Town where I found myself at a rock bottom moment in my life, after having battled with all forms of addiction for years. Through much junkie pride, I was at first disappointed that I was not assigned a hard-core ex druggie turned professional therapist for my counsellor, but very quickly realised that I had scored, if you would pardon the pun.

Through clear and highly perceptive eyes, free of any projection of her own past issues, she was able to see my pathology, gently ... and sometimes not so gently challenge me and treat my condition. Through the 4 months that I was her patient she was never wrong with any intuitive thought she had regarding my decisions and actions.

Her work with my family and loved ones was particularly brilliant and she was able to facilitate a smooth and therapeutic session in what was likely to have been an insanely charged mud slinging match if she had not been at the helm. Subtly, keenly and with a huge amount of empathy and a brilliant clinical knowledge Frances is able to treat addiction and life problems with amazing clarity and grace. If you are in need of a solution to your problem and are looking for a guide to take you through the journey of discovery and insight, then you need look no further! (Anonymous)


"It was a bleak dreary winter's day when I was told in no uncertain terms by my doctor I had a severe drinking problem (i.e. you are an alcoholic). I needed rehab. The day was June 2 2011.

As per the alcoholic or if you like addict, I went bang straight into denial, thinking how to get out of this one, fortunately my MD and I had travelled many a road together from a severe car accident, broken hands, and feet, a severe change in personality (cause of which was the car accident which nearly killed me). All as a result of booze ... I at that stage had given up on life in general terms, friends I pushed away, family fights got intense, sometimes violent ... I used to blame my dad for the arguments, never the booze. Slowly but surely my world was collapsing around me. Others saw it, I never could. Each day I would wait for 4pm and make some excuse to get to the pub, my way I guess to get out, forget for a while and drink. At first it was social, slowly it intensified. I became a habitual binge drinker, no longer for the social enjoyment but to see how many and how quickly I could drink ... just to forget. However I digress.

On the very same day (in fact the same appointment all resistance crumbled, there was no more I could lie or say). My doc said he knew of a rehabilitation centre in Cape Town, all I could do was surrender and say fine,  I will go (At approximately 7pm that evening June 2 2011, I arrived and was booked into rehab). Reality kicked in. I was in detox. For days I denied having a problem other than Epilepsy caused by my accident. Finally the day came, listening to other patients, that the penny dropped: hold on, I AM NOT ALONE here, too many stories not just similar but exactly the same ...

On the 4th day I was assigned a counsellor. Sitting on the bench outside the office I had no idea what was awaiting me. The door opened and out came a lady introducing herself to me. "Hi Pierre my name is Frances. Please come inside." WOW someone out there was smiling upon me. Frances not only has a no nonsense attitude to rehabilitation but has empathy for those of us struggling with addiction. Questions were asked, discussions held, family meetings (not pleasant but with Frances there I knew I would be ok ).

Frances has a way with people, it’s a gift and I’m proud to say Frances – in our time spent in session and out of session you slowly got through to me. There are very few people I truly trust in this world Frances is definitely one of the few I will trust with my life.
On one occasion, an occasion which I will never forget ... group session time ... me being a post traumatic Epileptic (car accident) was on a certain medication which helped when I felt a seizure coming on . The said medication was not taken daily BUT here comes the kicker was under lock and key, this I had told Frances about ... what I did not know was that the substance which my neurologist had prescribed is highly addictive ... and BOOM out it came in group. It was in no way done to embarrass me nor to belittle me. It was done out of pure concern. The situation was explained and point blank I was asked if I was addicted to the medication. I answered, 'no,' and explained why it had to be taken and when and for what reason. The group then had a full go at me, banging in question after question trying to trip me up or catch me in a lie. I knew then and know now that this was done for my own good. The final outcome was I came out on top. Some of you reading this may ask 'why no mention of the medication?' Well, that is for your protection, not mine. I know I’m not addicted to it (in fact it’s no longer under lock and key but in my bedside table).

Frances tried to get me to go into secondary treatment, however I could not; not because I didn’t want to, but due to me having my own business I could not afford further time away from it. The drinking had done enough damage, I had to refloat a sinking ship. I did however undertake to Frances that I would attend aftercare for as long as I deemed it was necessary. I stuck to my word, and with aftercare as a backup we went forward with my treatment.

In my time spent with Frances, she taught me how to live life on life’s terms. In fact she taught me how to live and how to deal with stress, pressure and many factors within myself. She is the ultimate professional and lives to help those suffering with addiction. I’m in recovery, and will never recover, this is work in progress, the toughest job you could ever wish for, however without my past I would never have learnt what I know today. Gratitude has no bounds, I’m not proud of what I’ve done nor the situations I put myself in but one thing I can honestly say: I’m humbled and grateful for the person I’ve become, and all because of meeting Frances.

Without Frances, I’m not sure what the final outcome would have been, but one thing I’m sure of is I had hit rock bottom. Twenty years of drinking (half my life) takes it out of you in one way or another. There was no way out or back up, my body was giving in, and I’m pretty sure without rehab and mostly the empathy, guidance, humility and devotion Frances showed and practises daily, I would not be here today typing this. I’m humbled and grateful to have had Frances as my counsellor, and am eternally grateful to her for that.

I am stronger than ever before. Everything Frances suggested, I followed ... without that guidance and help I would be either in prison, or worse – dead. The impression Frances left on me will last a lifetime. Today I’m 21 and a bit months clean and sober. Frances – words you taught me and many others ... don’t count the days, make the days count.

In closing off if you feel you have a problem, be it alcohol (a drug), prescription medication or hardcore narcotics ... get help, find all the resources available and use them!

Frances – you helped me change my life, there is nothing I could do to replace the insight and knowledge you taught me, I am truly blessed to have had you as my counsellor in those dark days, thank you." (Pierre O)

"[As a case study] I have just completed my TRE sessions with Frances and I would recommend it to everybody. Starting the process was a scary prospect as I was attempting to face and deal with my trauma. Frances guided me through it with such an amazing gentleness of spirit which, had at its core, strength and comfort. She made me feel secure and protected and allowed me to relax into the process. Thank you." (Anonymous)

"The first time in my life that I had truly surrendered, I was exhausted from fighting my battles against life and had lost track of what I was fighting, but apprehensive of relinquishing control and harboured an extreme distrust of everything. Frances was the person who received me at the start of my road to recovery.

She somehow broke through my defences to show me there's 'another way' by seeking to understand me at a time when I had given up hope of finding empathy, and by giving recognition to the emotional trauma that I had denied acknowledging for myself.

Some two years into recovery now, my life today is no longer imprisoned by active addiction. But Frances is still connected in my life as I continue with my lifelong process of emotional healing. My respect for Frances grows as I grow into myself, as I see more clearly how she lives her own life through the very tools she teaches others through her work. Her emphasis on empowering individuals to live a life of their own choice is as relevant to me today as when I was fresh out of active addiction." (Anonymous) 

[As one of Frances's case studies...]"I found TRE to be a rewarding experience – both physically and mentally. The sessions gave me the space to connect with my body and I experienced the realisation of the effects of past physical and emotional traumas. After the first few sessions, I felt unembarrassed and at ease and safe with Frances as the facilitator. I have found that where conventional psychotherapy dealt with my mind, 12 steps dealt with my lifestyle, that TRE was the final piece of the puzzle in terms of complete childhood trauma recovery.
Frances has also taught me how to do TRE on my own, meaning I can use it as and when I need it and have time."  Anonymous

"I worked with Frances over a series of 8 TRE sessions, as her case study. Never having worked with my body in this way before, it was Frances' professional approach and calm, supportive manner that allowed me to feel safe enough to let go and allow the work to happen. Her deep acceptance of me as a human being and her positive intention for my process in doing the exercises was tangible, and was undoubtedly part of what allowed the work to be as transformative as it was for me. I recommend Frances highly". Anonymous  

"I first met Frances short after my 21st birthday. I was a hopeless anorexic/ bulimic/ addict and raging alcoholic who had lost the will to live. After years of addiction to food, pills and a few months of extreme drinking that finally brought me to my knees I was blessed beyond belief to be sent to a Rehab clinic where I met Frances. After an unsuccessful two weeks in a secondary Treatment centre I was sent back to Primary much to my huge shock and horror.

I met Frances in absolute tears, fuelled with anger, resentment, hate, and disgust with myself and the world around me. I was covered in shame, humiliation and embarrassment. I was a broken person and had lost the will to live let alone survive. When I first met her I thought the same as I always had, no point what so ever, there is no way out! I am over!

Over the years I had seen numerous counselors’, psychologists, doctors, and gp’s psychiatrists, therapists been in and out of hospital and been on numerous medications. None were successful and my attempts for help were drawing to an end.

About one month after being in primary and having Frances as my counselor something changed in me. I was still very confused, terrified and numb but something in me was starting to change. Frances was amazing, in the past where I had been so hopeless and unwilling to accept help, with Frances I finally did. I can’t tell you why but something in her brought out the strength in me.

Years after my treatment and my time with her, I still think of her often. There are so many things to be grateful for when one finds recovery; the blessings are beyond anything one could have ever imagined.

I call these God's richest blessings and Frances will always be one of these in my life.

Frances taught me to stand up for myself, fight for myself and fight for my life. She showed me what it meant to laugh again and that being vulnerable and scared does not make me weak or a failure.

I will always be profoundly grateful to Frances, for her compassion, warmth, wisdom, openness and her unwavering support even when I didn’t want it or on days where I refused to take it.

Some people stay in your hearts and prayers forever:Frances is one of these people to me"  CF

"Frances Ward’s calm and accepting energy leaves you feeling more peaceful and positive about life. She has an admirable ability to bring clarity to and draw insight from complex emotions, thoughts and situations. She also focuses on and works with the important link between mind and body. I highly recommend Frances to anyone seeking to improve their life in any way" Anonymous  

"Frances is a non-judging, patient and present listener. She has a contagious calm about her that enables all those she counsels to step back and consider their situation with fresh, rational eyes. She is cool under pressure, never losing her composure, and you leave her company feeling lighter, more in control, and at least fractionally wiser. I highly recommend her services, whatever your specific needs". Anonymous 

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"Let me follow my path today; knowing that it is the right path for me and is taking me where I need to go."