I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and after 8 months of medical treatment I was very traumatised. I needed emotional release, a better understanding of my unconscious beliefs and healing. I started doing TRE ® sessions with Frances and the benefits were amazing! I released so much pain and got so much clarity in return. I then continued to do QEC sessions which I enjoyed so much. Frances created a safe space in which I could share freely, cry, express and grow. She is a sensitive, knowledgeable and caring therapist who helped me to transform my life. 

In my time spent with Frances, she taught me how to live life on life’s terms; how to live and how to deal with stress, pressure and many factors within myself. She is the ultimate professional and lives to help those suffering with addiction.   (Pierre O)

Frances was the person who received me at the start of my road to recovery.  She somehow broke through my defences to show me there's 'another way' by seeking to understand me at a time when I had given up hope.

Years into recovery now, Frances is still connected in my life.I see clearly how she lives her own life through the very tools she teaches others through her work.  (Anonymous) 

Frances Ward’s calm and accepting energy leaves you feeling more peaceful and positive about life. She has an admirable ability to bring clarity to and draw insight from complex emotions, thoughts and situations. She also focuses on and works with the important link between mind and body mostly incorporating QEC and TRE ®. I highly recommend Frances to anyone seeking to improve their life in any way. Anonymous  

Frances is a non-judging, patient and present listener. She has a contagious calm about her that enables all those she counsels to step back and consider their situation with fresh, rational eyes. 

QEC is a revolutionary type of coaching that changed me. Literally I would leave the sessions changed.  The science behind it is interesting, but more amazing is how things Id been trying to change for years actually did change. Try it! Anonymous 

I had been in active addiction for more than 20 years. My whole life was consumed by my addiction. I was clinically depressed, suicidal, and continually overwhelmed by anxiety.

Frances facilitated me finding my own solutions. She gave me the counselling that I needed, when I was capable of receiving it. When I wasn’t, she helped to get me to a place where I could.

I have now built a normal life

Integral in the process she facilitated was TRE ® which, unlike anything else, was able to completely rid me of my anxiety and gave me access to lasting peace.

Today I am drug and alcohol free, and free of all psychiatric medication.

The value of her process to me is beyond expression, as is my gratitude to her for the freedom she helped me find. 


I was at a rock bottom moment. Her work with my family was particularly brilliant. Subtly, keenly and with a huge amount of empathy and a brilliant clinical knowledge Frances is able to treat addiction and life problems with amazing clarity and grace. (Anonymous)


I worked with Frances over a series of 8 TRE ® sessions. Never having worked with my body in this way before, it was Frances' professional approach and calm, supportive manner that allowed me to feel safe enough to let go and allow the work to happen. Her deep acceptance of me as a human being and her positive intention for my process in doing the exercises was tangible, and was undoubtedly part of what allowed the work to be as transformative as it was for me. I recommend Frances highly. Anonymous  

I first met Frances shortly after my 21st birthday. I was a hopeless anorexic/ bulimic/ addict and raging alcoholic who had lost the will to live. Something in her brought out the strength and hope in me. Frances taught me to stand up for myself, fight for myself and fight for my life. She showed me what it meant to laugh again and that being vulnerable and scared does not make me weak or a failure.

Some people stay in your hearts and prayers forever:Frances is one of these people to me.  CF

Working with Frances was both a pleasant, but more importantly, results-driven experience. She gave  me tangible, useful techniques for dealing with my situation that I could implement my self. TRE ®and QEC when I practiced them regulalrly worked. In my case we were able to achieve what I had hoped for in a short amount of time. I check in with Frances for "refreshers every now and again". I recommend Frances for her simple, easy-to-talk-to but impactful style. Anonymous

Frances has helped me through supervision with her to be a more aware, grounded, ethical counsellor. Working in rehabs is stressful. She has taught me so much about maintaining my own boundaries, being the best counsellor I can be whilst at work and also how to uplift my clients. I also an now more able to manage my stress after learning TRE. I have monthly supervision sessions with Frances. They keep me afloat. Anonymous



"Let me follow my path today; knowing that it is the right path for me 

and is taking me where I need to go."