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recovery from trauma, addiction & stress

I offer a range of BRAIN BASED THERAPIES. Our initial session will be about connecting- an assessment- to guide us into creating the best treatment plan. Stress/ trauma lives in your body/ nervous system. When there is too much data in your nervous system, the amygdala notifies the polyvagal nerve to send messages round your body to go into the survival responses - fight or flight. If these responses are interrupted, this data is then frozen (freeze response) into a capsule of unprocessed, incomplete data in your body causing havoc all round. This is what trauma is. 

In Brain based therapy we are working from a bottom up approach- the aim is to 1. Resource you,  preparing you for further trauma work. 2 Clear the trauma so that the trapped data can be freed, completed and archived into the past. 3. Update internal belief systems, bringing lasting change.  We access your nervous system through Body work, Eye Position/ Movement therapies and Hypnotherapy.

Behavioural therapy:
Addiction Therapy

In treating Substance Use Disorders I offer a range of Integrative therapy options including 12 step therapy for all addictions and compulsive disorders.

  • Brain based therapies

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Family systems,

  • Harm reduction.


Supervision of professionals working in the mental health arena specifically the addiction/trauma field. This is an extremely important part of working in a highly stressful field. It is essential that counsellors, recovery assistants, volunteers and interns have a safe, and confidential space to offload in order to prevent burnout.

Increasing your knowledge of working in safe ways is an aspect of supervision.

Trauma therapy:

My approach is Integrative so I will work with you to form the best treatment plan for you. I have years of experience with many different ways to treat trauma incorporating progressive brain based techniques bringing mind and body together leading to  increased emotional regulation. The following therapies are some of what I offer:

Body Therapies:
TRE ®: Tension Releasing Exercises   

A phenomenal breakthrough in the world of trauma therapy. TRE ® includes simple stretches that evoke a natural tremor in the body. This can release trapped tension in the muscle tissue thereby discharging trauma symptoms. This body therapy can stand alone or can work well alongside other therapies that I offer.

TRE ® allows you to explore and heal from past stressful experiences without having to re-experience them on a cognitive level.

TRE ® is a natural method of relaxation that is self-empowering. Once learnt safely, many people practice TRE ® by themselves.

It can also be done in groups increasing the number of people that can be helped at once. For more information: 


Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique

Studies have shown that the brain's stress and fear response can be lessened by stimulating the meridian points like in Acupuncture. https://eftonline.org


All therapy is better received when your body and mind are in a state of relaxation. There are many different ways of breathing. I will help you to ground yourself through breathing techniques, preparing and resourcing yourself for further therapy.

Eye Position /Movement  Therapies:
Eye Movement Integration

EMI is a modality used to treat PTSD and many other Anxiety/ trauma related conditions. EMI incorporates eye movements to activate and recall multisensory stored information. Using this technique, trauma memories are archived correctly in your nervous system placing them in the past. Relief from symptoms of PTSD/ anxiety etc. can be felt.

Eye Position Integration

EPI is built on the principles of Eye Position Therapy and Age Regression/ Progression from Hypnotherapy. Age regression allows clients to relive in the here and now, a life experience from the past. Age progression allows clients to relive a future imagined experience in the present. This looping helps to complete the trauma response. This is similar to Brain Spotting  and BWRT- Brain Working Recursive Therapy.


By accessing the sub/ unconscious via inducing a specific deep brain wave pattern known as hypnosis. we bypass the conscious part of your mind.  In doing so, you have a wider selective thinking about yourself/ your environment. Then we Resource, Clear trauma and update scripts. This is useful for many mental health challenges. 

QEC: Quantum Energy Coaching

This is a simple and effective coaching method that alters limiting thoughts and beliefs at the subconscious level and releases stress/tension/trauma from the body. It is based in neuroscience and uses the Gestalt principle of Holism. QEC believes that we have an innate ability to heal ourselves, but through our limiting beliefs we create blockages, mentally and physically which interfere with healing. If we remove these blockages the mind and body reprograms itself.

Unless specified, all my services are available online or in person. Please contact me for rates and availability.

"The end may be in sight,

but today's path is all I really have.

Let me make the most of it."